• Access Anytime: Learn how to respond in any situation and keep you and your family safe through our online training.  Access anywhere, anytime, from any device
  • Learn From Bas and Amir Live: Know what to do what you need to do to protect yourself in nearly any situation.  Get coaching and ask questions LIVE with Bas and Amir.
  • Private Community: Private invite to access the exclusive community with Bas and Amir and gain priceless skills and knowledge. 

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What are the 7 Skills?
  • Mindfulness: Train your mind for situational awareness, battle fear and manage stress.
  • Conditioning: Develop strength and stamina for overall well being; aerobic, breathing, anaerobic power
  • Combatives: Punches, kicks, improvised personal weapons.  Train for it all
  • Unarmed Self-Defense: Being attacked from behind, bearhugs, choke-holds, defend yourself on the ground
  • Blunt Weapons: How to use them, and how to defend against things like sticks, bats, crowbars and alike.
  • Edge Weapons: How do defend yourself against this most common attack
  • Gun and Rifle Train how to defend yourself against these threats and how to use them for self-defense.
  • 1on1 with Bas and Amir: Join today and you will gain weekly access to a private Q&A  with Bas and Amir, where they will work with you one on one. 
  • Access to the Training Vault Private access to the world's best trainings in weapons, hand to hand combat, and self-defense

Still Not Sure If You're Ready to Save Your Life?

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What does Rampage Jackson have to say about 7 Skills to Save Your Life?

Here's What Holt McCallany from the hit TV Drama Mindhunter Has To Say

Bas Rutten

Growing up in the Netherlands, Bas Rutten was bullied relentlessly, so he learned how to fight -- and became one of the greatest fighters on the planet. 

 He was the Dutch Champion in Thai Boxing, studied martial arts in Japan and became a 3-time undefeated Pancrase world champion, was the first European UFC champion, and was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2015. 

He has trained the best of the best – including elite special forces like SWAT and Navy Seals -- and he is ready to train you to defend yourself.  

Amir Perets

Amir Perets is, quite simply, the world’s leading expert in self-defense. 

At the age of 18, he became Israel’s heavyweight marital arts champion, and joined the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), where he became a Krav Maga and Combat Fitness instructor, where he was chosen to certify instructors in their legendary hand-to-hand combat course. 

He moved on to serve with the elite IDF Naval Commando Unit – the equivalent of U.S. Navy Seals – and there he literally rewrote the book on Krav Maga and Combat Fitness. 

In 2009, Perets was inducted into the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame for his outstanding contributions to the military, law enforcement, and martial arts. 

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